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Regional Descriptions

At the northern tip of the Niagara Escarpment a mosaic of dramatic cliffs, spectacular caves, gentle beaches, fens and forests offer a glimpse into the wonder of the Bruce Peninsula.

In Grey County, rolling, glacially sculpted farmlands are interspersed with patches of deciduous forest, meandering rivers and creek valleys lined in dark green cedar. The rural countryside is dotted with farming homesteads not greatly changed in over a century.

The Simcoe-Dufferin section of the Niagara Escarpment is unusual, in that the familiar rocky heights give way to vast rolling hills. The dramatic cliffscapes that one finds to the north and south are buried under deep glacial deposits in this area, prompting geologists to refer to this section as the “buried escarpment.”

The Halton/Peel section of the Niagara Escarpment is rich in both history and biological diversity. Dominated by Bronte Creek and the Credit River and its tributaries, the Halton/Peel section is a landscape of deeply cut stream channels and moist woodlands.

In the City of Hamilton, the Escarpment is better known locally as “the mountain.” There are enchanting waterfalls to discover, wide vistas and reminders from the area’s rich and fascinating past.

The forests in the Niagara region are some of the most beautiful anywhere along the Escarpment’s length. The Niagara Region is also one of Canada’s prime agricultural areas. Rich mineral soils, Escarpment air flow patterns, and the moderating effects of Lakes Erie and Ontario contribute to the excellent growing conditions of this acclaimed wine region.